Tennessee Victory! is a system designed specifically to enable and empower each and every citizen to combat opioid abuse in their community. It is an interactive, online resource hub with a three-part goal: inform Tennesseans about the local crisis, empower them with activity ideas and information to combat the crisis, and motivate them to take action by pledging into a category they can influence through their resources and activism.

We inform individuals about the opioid crisis so they can realize how much it affects their life, family, and community.

We empower those same individuals and communities by hosting an online collection of Activities that show citizens what they can do at home and in their community to help fight the opioid epidemic. Success Stories highlight Activities completed across the state to show the positive steps Tennesseans are taking to tackle the crisis locally.  

After learning about and better understanding the extent of our crisis, we challenge our Tennessee citizens and communities to pledge to give of their time and resources for us to achieve a unified victory over opiate addiction for our state.

How It Works

1. PLEDGE Individuals and organizations can commit to leverage their own time, resources, and connections to fight the opioid crisis when they Pledge to Take Action.

2. COMPLETE ACTIVITES Once you have pledged, look at the Activities page to find and complete positive actions for combatting the crisis in your community.  

3. SHARE YOUR SUCCESS STORY After completing an Activity from the site, tell others about it by sharing a Success Story. Your story could inspire activity throughout the state and connect you with others in your community dedicated to eradicating the opioid epidemic in Tennessee.