Create a Safe Station at a Fire Department

A Safe Station is a fire department that is available 24 hours a day to help those who are seeking aid with substance misuse disorder and are not in need of immediate medical attention. Once an individual enters the Safe Station for assistance, trained firefighters will provide a medical assessment to determine if there is anything else medically wrong with the patient that would require further medical attention. If the person is in need of medical attention, then an ambulance will be provided to transport them to the nearest facility. When no concerning medical conditions are found, then the person will turn in any paraphernalia or needles to the fire departments collection area. The patient will then speak with a substance misuse coach and find a treatment plan that is right for their path to recovery. A police department will be notified and involved in collection of possessions if the individual seeking help has any weapons or illegal substances on them. This service would be important in aiding hospitals by taking care of patients who are seeking assistance, but are not in immediate need of medical attention. Also, the 24-hour service allows individuals to seek help as soon as they are ready, instead of waiting until a clinic or facility opens and risking substance misuse again. According to, the Safe Stations in Manchester, New Hampshire have “developed and implemented without any new funding” and “has connected 1,326 people to treatment between May 4, 2016 and March 4, 2017.” Currently there are no Safe Stations in the state of Tennessee, but there are several successful stations in New Hampshire. 

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