Erect a Billboard in Your Community

An effective billboard campaign reinforces an idea by being a simple, yet eye-catching reminder for people who drive the same routes on a regular basis. The strategic placement of billboards can reach your target audience when they are on routine business trips and on occasional casual trips. Billboards can also offer convenient guidance for someone who sees the sign and wants to take action in the moment. For example, a person who is driving home may pass a sign for a substance abuse treatment center at the next exit and decides to stop and ask for information or pamphlets about the program. An organization would greatly benefit from this advertising technique because the ad stays up 24 hours a day, seven days a week and engages an audience the moment it is displayed. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, more than 90% of Americans had at least one vehicle and was making at least one interstate trip each weekday as of 2010. A combination of exposure and a bold message will create awareness and a lasting impact on a community in the fight against opioids.

How can I do that?
1. Develop a strategy for reaching the most people and having the strongest impact (6-10 billboards in high traffic locations)
2. Design the billboard(s)
3. Approach your local coalition for help in funding and/or funding your project