Defeating the OPIOID CRISIS through the pledge of each citizen in every community in every county in Tennessee.

Participate in Narcotics Anonymous Support Groups

Narcotics Anonymous Support Groups (NA) evolved from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 1953 and has since grown into a world-wide organization aimed at sharing a way to be happy and live without drugs. Narcotics Anonymous is for anyone suffering from addiction, regardless of the substance used, and membership is free. NA Support Group meetings help people recovering from addiction by using a twelve-step program, sharing personal experiences with addiction and meeting on a regular basis. In addition to the meetings, NA also provides books and information pamphlets, which are now available in 49 languages due to the global presence of support group meetings. The Tennessee NA website features contact information for 12 major areas in Tennessee that can offer assistance with finding a meeting near you. A NA Search app is available in Google Play or the App Store.

How can I do that?
1. Visit the NA website to read informational pamphlets
2. Check out the Tennessee NA website to find a meeting near you
3. Download the NA Meeting Search app 


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